About Us

About Us

LIFE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company since 1980, duly licensed by the ministry of health, government of Pakistan; we are in this business since 1951 when started as distribution and wholesale business division.

We are located in the Multan Industrial Estate with a covered area of 20,000 square feet approx. Currently we are engaged in manufacture of following dosage forms:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Ointment
  • Cream
  • Dry Powder syrup/ Suspension
  • Liquid syrup/ Suspension

Our manufacturing facility and process complies with good manufacturing practice, equipped with HVAC system in hygienic work environment.

Our quality control section is equipped with state of the art laboratory equipment such as Atomic Absorption, HPLC, Spectrophotometer, Potentiometer, Moisture Analyzer, Disintegration Apparatus, Dissolution Apparatus, Hardness Tester, Friabilator and various other equipment as required under international compendia.

Stability studies are conducted under controlled conditions in a stability chamber. Competent technical and support staff is employed by the company for consistency and efficient operation of business.