Melamet Dry Suspension (Artemether & Lumefantrine) by Life Pharmaceutical Company

Melamet Dry Suspension

Drug Category: Antimalarial

Indication: Artemether and lumefantrine combination therapy is indicated for the treatment of acute uncomplicated malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum, including malaria acquired in chloroquine-resistant areas. May also be used to treat uncomplicated malaria when the Plasmodium species has not been identified. Indicated for use in adults and children greater than 5 kg.


Each 5ml Dry Suspension Contains:

  • Artemether……….. 15mg
  • Lumefanrine ……….90mg

Pharmacological Action:

  • Artemether & Lumefantrine: Involves an interaction with ferriprotoporphyrin IX (“heme”), or ferrous ions, in the acidic parasite food vacuole, which results in the generation of cytotoxic radical species. The generally accepted mechanism of action of peroxide antimalarials involves interaction of the peroxide-containing drug with heme, a hemoglobin degradation byproduct, derived from proteolysis of hemoglobin. This interaction is believed to result in the formation of a range of potentially toxic oxygen and carbon-centered radicals.


  • Amber Glass Bottle
  • Suspension in High Density Polyethylene Bottle

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