Salmolif Syrup (Salbutamol as Sulphate) by Life Pharmaceutical Company

Drug Category: Selective beta2- agonist

Indication: Severe bronchospasm in bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema, uncomplicated premature labour.


Each 5ml contains:

  • Salbutamol (as Sulphate )……………………………..2mg

Pharmacological Action:

  • Salbutamol: Salbutamol is a beta (2) adrenergic agonist and this is stimulates beta(2)- adrenertgic receptors. Binding of albuterol to beta(2) –receptors in the lungs results in relaxation of bronchial smooth muscles. It is believed that salbutamol increased cAMP production by activating adenylate cyclase,  and the actions of salbutamol are mediated by cAMP. Increased intracellular cyclic AMP increased the activity of cAMP-dependent protein kinase A , Which inhibits the phosphorylation of myosin and lowers intracellular calcium concentrations. A lowered intracellular calcium concentration leads to a smooth muscle relaxation. Increased intracellular cyclic AMP concentrations also cuase an inhibition of the release of mediators from mast cells in the airways.


  • Amber Glass Bottle
  • Syrup in High Density Polyethylene Bottle

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